Contact the Hilltown Land Trust

If you are interested in speaking with Hilltown Land Trust about options for protecting your land including setting up a conservation restriction or making a land donation to protect your land for future generations, please call Sally Loomis, Executive Director, at (413) 628-4485 ext. 2 or use the contact form below. We can also be reached at HLT[at]thetrustees[dot]org.

We also welcome volunteers to assist with HLT events or maintaining and monitoring our protected lands including trail building and habitat assessment. If you ever notice a problem on one of the properties we maintain, such as blocked trails, broken bridges, or illegal dumping, please use this form to report it to us.

We would also love to assist you in becoming a supporting member of the Hilltown Land Trust. Your generous donation will help us protect the rural character, scenic beauty, and natural value of the hilltowns.

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