Properties Owned by Hilltown Land Trust:

Map - Old Goshen Road, Williamsburg, MABradley Sanctuary, Williamsburg: 41 acres with trail system.
Gift of Oliver Bradley and Barbara Bradley Rust. Click here for a trail map and more information.

Breckenridge Sanctuary, Williamsburg: 67 acres with trail system.
Gift of Margaret Breckenridge. Click here for a trail map and more information.

Jackson Swamp (2 parcels), Worthington: 110 landlocked acres without public access.
Gift of Karl Davies Sr.

Stevens Properties (3 parcels), Huntington/Westhampton: Over 460 acres including nearly 5 miles of hiking trails. Much of this property was given to HLT by Frank Stevens in 2003 and 2005. An adjacent 82 acres of forest land was donated to HLT in 2014 by Dr. Nancy Weiss to be left forever wild.  Click here for a trail map and more information.

Hastings Property, Worthington: 60+ acres of forest land on Prentice Road donated by Wilmont Hastings. There are currently no formal trails on this property.

Conservation Restrictions (CR’s) held by Hilltown Land Trust: 2,890 acres (and counting)

Hilltown Land Trust holds Conservation Restrictions for 32 privately owned properties and is adding more CRs each year. For a visual depiction of our protected lands, please click the link below to see the most up-to-date map of our holdings.

HLT Service Area Map

One of our Conservation Restrictions, at Taproot Commons Farm in Cummington, has a short trail open to the public.

Agricultural Preservation Restrictions (APR’s) and other projects facilitated by HLT: 576 acres*

Krug Sugarbush, Chesterfield: 80 acres transferred to MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

Long Pond, Chesterfield: 28 acres adjacent to Krug Sugarbush, also transferred to MA DCR.

Albert Airstrip Parcel APR, Worthington: 138 acres

Kellogg Farm APRs, Worthington: 250 acres

Chucklebrook Farm APR, Worthington: 80 acres

*Note, most APR projects are now managed directly by the MA Department of Agricultural Resources without the involvement of a third party such as a land trust.

Chucklebrook Farm, Worthington, MA

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