photo © jo landers


A longer 4-mile loop trail and a shorter 1.2 mile loop trail provide many recreation options on the Stevens Property, off of Pisgah Road in Huntington and Rhodes Road in Westhampton. These trails wind through a wooded landscape studded with hundreds of large boulders covered in mosses, ferns and lichens. They climb up and down steep slopes and cross a moist stream valley in three places. Other features include a very early cellar hole and maple sugarhouse ruin. Expect lots of early spring wildflowers and a great variety of ferns, and look for signs of moose, deer, bear, coyote, porcupine, and many other mammals.

Starflower - photo © Shirley Winer

Starflower – photo © Shirley Winer

Snowshoeing, x-country skiing, and mountain biking are not encouraged from the Pisgah Road entrance, as trails are steep, rocky, and can be slippery when wet. Contact your local snowmobile club about snowmobile trails.

Stevens All Trails

Stevens Short Loop


Pisgah Road:
At the highest point on Route 66, 0.4 mile west of the Westhampton-Huntington town line, turn north off Route 66 onto Allen Coit Road. Go 0.4 mile to the intersection with Pisgah Road and bear right onto Pisgah. Go 2.4 mile north from that intersection to HLT’s marked parking pullout and small clearing at break in stone wall on the right. Trail begins to the right of the kiosk.

Rhodes Road:
(Suggested access for biking and x-country skiing)
On Route 66 in Westhampton, 2.5 miles west of South Road in Westhampton, turn right onto Rhodes Road.  Drive .5 miles to park at a small turnaround on this dirt road.  Follow the road on foot or bike approximately two miles to a three way intersection.  HLT’s long loop trail goes straight north at this intersection as well as follows the road to the right before it turns left into the woods.  HLT trails should be marked with light blue blazes and HLT’s property line with metal markers.