Land Stewardship

Hilltown Land Trust holds 29 Conservation Restrictions and owns 6 properties, totaling over 3,000 acres and spanning eight of thirteen towns in our region. Additional properties are added to this list each year as we take on new CRs and fee properties. We strive toward comprehensive and informed stewardship of our protected properties because we want the lands we protect to continue to provide the maximum benefit for the natural and man-made communities that they support.

We accomplish our stewardship by conducting annual visits to each and every one of our properties. Why do we need to make these visits? First of all, we need to do so to uphold the high standards of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Land Trust Alliance. Walking the land at least once a year allows us to make sure that the ecological communities we chose to protect are still doing well. We can address issues like invasive species or unproductive human encroachment in a timely manner so that it doesn’t get out of hand. On our CRs, a yearly visit also gives us the opportunity to connect with the landowners of each property. Since they are often more aware of the changes on the land, they can let us know about issues we might otherwise miss. The land is constantly changing, so we use our annual visit to document those changes.

Monitoring all our landholdings is a prodigious task that we are able to accomplish with a team of dedicated and experienced volunteers, our Executive Director and our MassLIFT-AmeriCorps Land Stewardship Coordinator. If you are interested in getting to know our protected properties better, becoming a volunteer land steward is a great opportunity to do so. We offer periodic workshops to train new volunteers. You can check our events page to see when the next workshop is being held or contact our MassLIFT-AmeriCorps Land Stewardship Coordinator at (413) 628-4485 ext. 4.